Change is here

2020, the year of epochal change. The push has been to turn inwards, to what is truly necessary in our lives now, Our Connection. What are you connected to? It is LOVE that will help us all to rewrite the scripts of our lives. 

What are you going to magnetise into your life? You get to be as happy as you want to be, regardless of how others choose. You get to be in charge of your frequency by choosing desires that bring you Joy. Choose well dear ones as it is up to us to uphold the beauty of this world, the humanity for our children and their children. 

How much do you Care? Use your imagination, get creative, allow your instincts to run & your intuition to soar. Use the beauty of this earth to uplift you. 2020 will be relentless, and it will take time to create the new. Hold strong, see your future, use your emotional body for what it is meant for. 

Desire like never before for what you truly want in this brave New World. We are magnetic creative beings with incredible diversity. Everything is frequency. Our emotional bodies are the alchemy to make the changes we all need now. Mother Earth has waited long enough. 

We are letting go, surrendering all .. we can’t look back, for indeed, the past no longer exists. The new is waiting to be written by our Hearts.

We are writing our future in real time each day now, poised at the leading edge. Ingenious imagination is innate within you. See the future you wish to be a part of, deeply feel it, maintain your attention to it .. acting as if it is already here. 

Don’t wait for it, LIVE it, within the Quantum Field, teeming with limitless potential. YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE! Write well!

Join me for Prayer & Meditation on this Solstice Eclipse

Juliet is available for Evolutionary Astrology Readings & SoulDetox ’UnWind the Soul’ Healings, Guided Meditation Journeys.

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