Shift happens

Change is happening & Ilife is busy especially with all the Aries energy we have just moved through.  I have therefore decided to have the Guided Meditations just on the New Moon each month rather than bi monthly. 

We will gather again on the 11th of May therefore.

As for the Scorpio Full Moon fast approaching, it will be a super moon and strong, precluding the eclipse season. We may all find ourselves quite different at the other end of this forthcoming eclipse season.

Allow yourself to become taken where your emotional body wishes you to penetrate. This will be a wonderful preparation for the following eclipse late May, and into June 10th. Remember Scorpio wants to transform and penetrate deeply into the mystery and together with the planets still in Taurus, there will be a great staying power cemented into your body, this will ready you for the changes of the eclipse energies. 

Anchoring your still point will behoove us all during these next weeks.

We are here to embody the quickening power of these times and to get on board to harness and assist all who are in need, especially this planet. 

Your practise, meditation time, and internal focus is invaluable now.

Breathe deeply and appreciate where you find yourself ~ wherever that may be.

 Tuesday May 11th

7-8am HST | 10-11am PDT | 1-2pm EDT

Audio Call 339-209-5379

Be Well, 


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