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Be this new pearl

... not the sand that carved you

So much is in chaos around the world. So much suffering. Life as we know it is changing, and fast.

Opportunity is there to weed the garden within. Some of the greatest of souls are in some of the most protracted circumstances.. Be radiantly uplifted as to the many hands that Love can have. Even as, those who represent the past, exercise their free will and at the same time have opportunity to express free will.

The extent to which Divine Will has been abandoned is the extent to which the prodders must prod! It is certainly not a time for lying down, for assuming a guaranteed outcome … for indeed we are in a time of a Flowering of Creativity.

More and more will be dismantled, the old will dissolve, pieces of the self, memories, temporary inconvenience's … Hold onto the bigger picture of your bigger selves. Remember why you are here and Release all with Love & Gratitude. Contrast has served well an evolutionary dynamic. It is time for a new song. Find your feet on this new surfboard called earth.

Your body mind and emotions, charge your body fluid, focussed and intentional … ready to meet all with a glad and happy heart. It is time to come out into the sun and enjoy the bounty of this earth. The great living library, this sacred garden where we are right now. Enjoy corporeality on your body with the simplicities of life itself, just by simply breathing.

Be this new pearl’ … not the sand that carved you’. As my friend, Fatima Bacot eloquently said. Not, the remembrance of the sand but sail into the future in a state of wonder … regarding the whole show that you play an integral part in.

Find out what your part is. Ask and ask again. Dig deeply within. Do not give in to your thoughts of lesser value, as you will never make it. That is the lie that you believed long ago and it may still be tripping you up! Search for your road map, feel for your direction.

Use your heart, not your mind, to light your way forward. Stand up for you and your sovereignty within. Be sovereign unto yourself, to Love.

Fight for yourself to shine, to win, to be happy. it is the fight for Love to reign finally within you. YOU are worth fighting for. Use the Mars in Aries energies that are running now to fuel your fire, to burn your heart & bring on your evolving individuation.

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