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At One

with the particles

· God Whispers

BELOVED, Great and marvelous ones who surround us and greet us in every moment in the unseen, our galactic brothers and sisters, the supreme Christ-consciousness, Prime Creator, Father/Mother of our souls we come before you during this meditation time and give thanks for all we have moved through.

Allow the fullness of the last weeks to be released, to be exhaled, to relax. To let go. Knowing that the breath within us brings us a new moment. Brings us the great gift of life and so calling on the great love of all, the great source of love to surround, seal and protect us as we journey this evening.
Ground yourself to the core of the earth extending your tube of light, your chakra column down as you breath. Feel connected with the earth, the feminine principal and let us begin your inner journey. Allow the awareness within your consciousness to expand. Give it more room within you as you breathe in and out easily. Releasing again the day and all the comings and goings and allow your mind to rest and be still.
What do you notice now? The Christ has arranged for your benefit for your galactic brothers and sisters to be with us. Some of you may experience the assistance these great ones may give you and some may feel much the same. Observe with depth and as you breathe now … let go into the heart a little more.
Allow yourself to fall like a weightless, falling leaf in the wind. Free. Free of all concerns and earthly matters. We are just here, now … with the breath. Feel your body.
Observe it. Scan with your 3rd Eye. What do you notice? Feel your blood circulate, bringing warmth to your body. Admire the machinations of all that comprises of you. So much and yet, what is it that moves beyond all that compels you to love, to desire love. What is that that longs for love? To rejoice even as you are in love. Breathe this “what” in even deeper. Carve another space in your heart that hasn’t been there before until now. Make more space. What is it that actually is a little bit in the way? Notice this. For indeed, you are as skilled as Michaelango when he carved his David. You are a masterpiece in-waiting. And so carve, find that exquisite beauty that is waiting to be lifted up by you. Waiting to be revealed as you breathe.

Hold this great love within you. The one that moves beyond, behind. That which compels you to love. That which is behind the desire to love. Hold this great love within you and send it to the places that you would like to give appreciation to. Love this body of yours, this marvelous vehicle that has served you so incredibly well thus far. All things considered. Communicate. Speak to various parts of your body. Particular systems: the emotional body. Love your mental body. Shower it. Flood it with love. See it as a dear, dear friend, an aspect of who you truly are because truly it is doing it’s best to give you what you want. To think what you want so it is you coming into alignment with what you want as you breathe.

As you breathe in more gratitude and more love.

The Goddess of Venus is impulsing us and she is asking you to remember your true value and what is it that you hold most high in your heart? As so, retrieve this now in your heart. Go and get it. Hold it up. What is it that you truly, deeply hold so dear to your heart? Allow this to come forward, to be free rather than in the background. And there are other aspects of yourself that have yet to come forward also. Father Time has lined up with the Goddess of Venus, the Lord of karma, and he is insuring that we reinstate our true structure of the highest integrity, the highest self-worth within you. You are magnificent. You are incredibly talented. You are so resourceful. And this is within you; encoded, encrypted, and imprinted vying for attention and so loving every aspect of you are, all that quivers, all that resonates even the parts within you that may ripple your feathers somewhat. Even re-arrange your feathers. You know those parts. Gather them now and light a fire in your heart utilize the Three Fold Flame that indeed is the sustenance of the heart: love, wisdom and power. Burn those jets and use this great love that resided within you to burn all the ruffles, the rearrangements, perhaps the feelings that you really don’t want to entertain, Perhaps that deep seated emotion that keeps showing it’s head now and then and you tuck it away again – bring it out and love it. Love it completely. Forgive all aspects as you breathe.
And the more the heart burns and expands, the more it has more space, the more one is able to be more still. To feel the hairline nuances of communion. Breathe.
Following the expansion now, observing the freestyle movement of your heart. And coming deeper yet again into the very center.
And there is an up-liftment through the 7th chakra even as we sit in the heart. There is an invitation. We are being asked to join (there is quite the entourage of many brothers and sisters) and they are inviting you to grab the cord just above your 7th chakra and be lifted. It is almost as if one is being lifted by many, many balloons. The energies are carrying us all up. And yet there is also within the very fabric of that which we are … that the awareness is constantly wanting to go. It is more simply in the expansion and the pulsation of the particles all around. There are millions of particles within and without. And they are all moving. They are alive and dancing. And so it is falling within that. What is it beyond that? As you breathe.
And there is a sweeping movement in front of each one, slowly moving up the front of each one’s torso/body, assisting each one to move beyond the particles. To move beyond the identity of anything at all.
And so, if one observes the subtle nuances of the deeper heart you can feel that there is far more depth, far more stillness. It is much more quiet. And in this quietness, this stillness there is a doorway being shown and so walking towards that doorway in your mind’s eye. Entering somehow it seems to take a while to even get to the doorway but the movement invites you and the unknown takes you. The unknown has you.
So as you slide through that door where are you now?
There are so many caresses of different harmonics, of color, of light, of beautiful beings, or your beauty. Allow the emanations to wash over you. To soothe you, to melt you. It is a formless place. And yet it is constantly, gracefully moving, unfolding and evolving. Breathing.
There is the entrance of Lord Michael and Mother Mary and they are both gathering, pooling in the center of this room, that which no longer serves each one of us. Various bits and pieces are being culled from each one. The emotional bodies have been on overdrive. Allow them to rest, Relinquish, release and let go of those files, those pieces, those entanglements, those stories. Lay them down. And there is a falling away that is no longer associated or necessary to keep on with in the mental body that is being encouraged to slide right out. I don’t know if it all of us, or a few of us, that are feeling heavy on the left side. Just allow it to exit. There is no need for any other description. You know what needs to go. As you breathe.
And coming up again through the 6th into the 7th chakra moving up into the 8th and 9th and allowing the higher self to take over, to be in charge, to lift you into the higher eschalons of light and love.
St. Germane is in charge of the next chapter. and we are being immersed, naturally so, in the violet flame and yet we are in the 9th and the 10th chakra. There is no need to take notes on what may be burning or dissolving. It is simply rejoicing in the light and the love that is here. Feel the pulsation. And allow yourself to be taken on your individual journey. Perhaps it is now … not according to my words. Allow yourself to be.
And now there is a one, one who has been at the core of the earth, an aspect of you and she is holding you up, so high. She wants you to move forward, to stride out, to sit in your song, to be your harmonic, to not be afraid to step into your courage, to speak your truth, To be who you are. To feel with you, your heart and to no longer hold back. Not only does this aspect within you to do this, but the Earth Mother needs you to do this. She calls. She is in need. She can no longer wait. She has waited so long and it is time. Time to stand up and do your thing. The Divine Plan is within you and it is your time now so fire up the jets of your Three-Fold Flame. Ground into the core of the earth. Drink your Manna. Move into your vertical alignment and GO! Do it! Be it! If you are unsure, do what you feel anyway. Be joyful. Be happy. Love and allow the relief of love to sing through your cells. Allow joy to move in. Feel yourselves overflow. It is almost as if Liquid Love is overflowing now from the core of the earth. The Great Mother Earth is indeed in agreement. She is impulsing me to speak this way and the energies are overflowing. Allow her to feed you.
Use your emotional body as a tool to propel you forward. Charge yourself with positive emotions over and over and over again. Transfer the love moments and make more moments; for indeed, that is who you are and that is what you are here to do. To be love with each breath whether you are in deep mediation, whether you are in the violet with St. Germane, or whether you are simply walking down the street, it is all the same. We are love in every moment, overflowing, connected, tapped in, switched on, invigorated, juiced up, ready to go … Breathe
Feel into the particles now. Notice their dance. Notice deeply within yourselves. Observe your heart and expand more and give out to others on this planet. Give to the collective this expansion that you feel. Send it to your loved ones. Overflow your connection to all. No need to hold back. Just love.
Recognizing wherever you are, coming back down the chakra column, the seven chakra system, your vehicle, giving thanks to all those who have joined us, even the particles, for all is one in the same and we give thanks to Love, we give thanks to Prime Creator, we give thanks to the Christ Consciousness. Coming back into the body as we give thanks to Mother Earth.
And so it is.

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